Interested in having a Custom Fitness Competition Suit made?  Have some questions?  Below are some of the most frequently asked...


I'm not stage ready yet, should I order now?
Yes! Definitely!  As soon as you know you will be competing, get your order in.  Our production schedule fills up quickly - it is always better to order earlier than later.
When should I order my suit?
Ideally as soon as you know you will be competing, but at least 10 to 12 weeks out.  Rush order fees apply for anything under 4 weeks.  
Help!  I'm not sure what colour I should pick!?
A good starting point are colours that look good on you and you receive the most compliments in - those colours are great choices as they clearly compliment your complexion.  It is not always true that certain colours will look good on you because of your hair or skin colour - each individual complexion is uniquely different regardless of hair or skin colour.  Ask those close to you, what colours look great on you!
On STAGE the deeper more saturated colours, in general, stand out nicely - Royal Blues, Deep Reds, Greens, Purples etc.  Also remember your suit will show up a slight bit lighter on stage from the bright lights.
From there, you can make your suit unique with the different crystal colour(s) and crystal design.  
What is the cost of shipping?
Canada $15
USA $15
International $40
Customs and Import Fees vary for your individual country, and are not included.
Do you have physical location?
Yes!  We do, in the north end Toronto!  Open by appointment only, for Custom Competition suits. 
Do you have sales?
We do!  Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter, and be the FIRST to know!  Our sales are very popular and items move FAST!  
Don't worry, we rarely send emails, only to announce Sales, Contests and awesome stuff!
Do you offer custom swimwear?
Not currently, but sign up to receive our newsletter and be the first to know when we launch our custom swim line!
Don't worry, we rarely send emails, only to announce Sales, Contests and awesome stuff!
Do you offer Fitness Competition Theme wear?
Not yet, but be sure to sign up to our mailing list, and be the first to know when it happens!  
I have a specific Fitness Competition Suit design in mind, how can I order?
Head over to Build a Custom Suit, in Bikini or Figure / Physique, choose your crystal coverage, and then select your suit details, make any notes in the notes section and contact us to send any specifics or inspiration.
I am halfway through Prep and my cleavage has gone missing already - do you offer padding?
 Yes, every Competition Suit comes with removable push up padding, and it is pretty awesome - it is a firm triangle push up cup.  You can always add an extra pair which is available with each suit.     
Do you carry Competition Jewelry?
Yes, we definitely do!!  Check it out here
Can I pay in instalments? 

We are happy to now offer Payment Plans for Custom Competition Suits and Ready Ship Suits. We understand that competing can be expensive and would like to help ease the financial pressure with paying for your suit in 2 instalments.


How it works:

    • We require a 25% first installment to start your suit.
    • The final installment will be due in 30 days.
    • Your suit will not be shipped until we receive the final payment.
    • There is a 10% processing fee on each suit purchased with a Payment Plan
    • All installment deposits are absolutely non-refundable.
    • Your order will be processed immediately once received.
    • Your balance must be paid within 30 days.
    • You acknowledge and agree that if your balance is not paid in 30 days your suit will be salvaged for materials and discarded.
    • Ready Ship suits purchased under Payment Plans are simply shipped out the day after your final payment is received.


    How can I take advantage of Payment Plan?

    1. At checkout use the code, “PAYMENTPLAN” You will be charged 25% of the suit price.
    2. Once you place your order and we receive your down payment of 25%, your suit will be started immediately and no refunds or changes can be made.
    3. We will email you your remaining balance within 72 hours and it will be due 30 days from the day you submitted your order.
    4. Your suit will follow our normal turnaround times and will be shipped when it is done or when we receive your final payment. 


    Have additional Q's, contact us and we will answer!