Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my suit?
We have 3 options:
1. Order a custom suit from our Build a Custom Suit section, select either Bikini, Wellness or Figure / Physique, next select the crystal coverage as pictured (prices are based on crystal coverage) next select your fabric, crystals, connectors, and enter your measurements. 
Remember the crystal design can change from the picture, but the crystal coverage (amount of crystals) stays the same.  Email us with your inspo if you have a specific crystal design (placement) in mind.
2. Order a Ready Ship competition suit.  The ideal fit measurements are included with each suit description.  The cup size, glute coverage, and connectors cannot be changed on these suits as they are already made.  We will adjust the hip to your entered hip measurement.
3. Select a rental suit from any one of our Competition Suit Rentals.
I'm not stage ready yet, should I order now?
Yes! Definitely!  As soon as you know you will be competing, get your order in.  Talk with your coach / trainer to get an idea of what your anticipated stage weight will look like. Our production schedule fills up quickly - it is always better to order earlier than later.  We will ship your suit at your selected turnaround time, and based on your anticipated weight loss / gain.
When should I order my suit?
Ideally as soon as you know you will be competing, but at least 10 to 12 weeks out.  Rush order fees apply for anything under 4 weeks. 
What about alterations?
We create your suit based on the measurements you have provided, and your anticipated weight loss / gain.  Ask your coach / trainer what your anticipated stage weight will be.  While we do our absolute best to create your suit and avoid adjustments, each physique is different and adjustments may be needed, these adjustments are not included in our prices.  If there is drastic weight loss / gain BE SURE TO SEND US YOUR UPDATED MEASUREMENTS prior to shipping out your suit.  
The most frequent adjustment is easily and quickly done with a local seamstress or alterations store - that is the hip adjustment around the hips.  All of our suits are made so they can be easily adjusted, loser or tighter, at the back hip connector point for bikini or wellness suits.  Figure / Physique suit hip straps should be in line with your belly button and may need to be bikini bitten. 
Suits can also be sent back to us to be adjusted, but keep in mind shipping times do vary depending on your location, time is of the essence when your show is approaching.
Cup size can tend to go down in size, so if you tend to lose weight in the chest easily or quickly, order a cup size down, alternatively you can add padding.  Our suits come with push up padding, but an additional layer of teddy bear stuffing works really well - be sure to tie your top tightly, both around the rib cage and neck to get that snug fit and avoid gaping.  
Our suits tie around the neck and the rib cage, so no adjustment issues there, and glute coverage will fluctuate ever so slightly with your glute size - have you been doing your squats? :)
Help!  I'm not sure what colour I should pick!?
A good starting point are colours that look good on you and you receive the most compliments in - those colours are great choices as they clearly compliment your complexion.  It is not always true that certain colours will look good on you because of your hair or skin colour - each individual complexion is uniquely different regardless of hair or skin colour.  Ask those close to you, what colours look great on you!
On STAGE the deeper more saturated colours, in general, stand out beautifully - Royal Blues, Deep Reds, Greens, Purples etc.  Also remember your suit will show up a slight bit lighter on stage due to the bright lights.  Take a look at the most recent Olympia winner, study their suits, and the colours that win.  How does that suit colour show up on stage and against that particular coloured background?  Study their style of connectors, the placement of the hip connectors, their jewelry - remember Olympia is the look we are going for. 
From there, you can make your suit unique with the different crystal colour(s) and crystal design.
Do you offer bra cup style Wellness tops?
Yes, we do, but only suggest it for A-B cup sizes.
Can I make changes to my order once submitted?
We strive to provide the most efficient service possible, and that can mean that we have started your suit immediately, and changes are not allowed after we have received your order.
How do I wash my competition suit?
We recommend washing your suit within the first few days after your show.
Use a small amount of liquid detergent and cool water (not hot).  Gently hand wash and rinse well with cool water.  Limit the connectors contact with water. 
*Do not let your suit soak in water*
*Do not scrub with a brush*
Lay flat between two thick dark towels (as it may discolour the towels) to press and squeeze out excess water.
Lay flat or hang to dry

*Please note that due to the nature of metallic finish fabrics the finish will eventually wear off and recommend that you take extra care in the washing of your suit*

What is the cost of shipping?
Canada $15
USA $15
International $40
Customs and Import Fees vary for your individual country, and are not included.
Do you have a store location?
Currently we do not have a store location, but we do offer free online consultations. Send us a quick email to set up an appointment. 
Do you offer online consults?
Absolutely, see above :)
Do you offer Mens suits?
Yes, we offer Mens Bodybuilding Trunks, and Mens Classic Physique Trunks.  We have also been known to make custom Pro Wrestling singlets, trunks and pants.
Do you have sales?
We do!  Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter, and be the FIRST to know!  Our sales are very popular and items move FAST!  
Don't worry, we rarely send emails, only to announce Sales, Contests and awesome stuff!
Do you offer custom swimwear?
Not completely custom, but we can customize some of our current styles.
Do you offer Fitness Competition Theme wear?
Not yet, but be sure to sign up to our mailing list, and be the first to know when it happens!  
I have a specific Fitness Competition Suit design in mind, how can I order?
Head over to Build a Custom Suit, in Bikini, Wellness or Figure / Physique, choose your crystal coverage, and then select your suit details, make any notes in the notes section and contact us to send any specifics or inspiration.
I am halfway through Prep and my cleavage has gone missing already - do you offer padding?
 Yes, every Competition Suit comes with removable push up padding, and it is pretty awesome - it is a firm triangle push up cup.  You can always add an extra pair which is available with each suit.     
Do you carry Competition Jewelry?
Yes, we definitely do!!  Check it out here
Do you offer Bikini / Wellness / Figure / Physique rentals?
Yes we do, and you can find them here.  Each suit lists a fit range.  You must contact us in advance and confirm the suit you are interested in is available for your show date, and would be an ideal fit, a rental contract will need to be reviewed, signed and returned.  Each suit thoroughly washed, and sanitary liners are provided with each rental.
Can I pay in instalments? 

We are happy to now offer Sezzle as one of our payment options. We understand that competing can be expensive and would like to help ease the financial pressure, by paying with Sezzle, a third party payment option, you are able to buy your suit now, and pay afterwards.  That means that you can order / receive your suit now and pay later.  Ready Ship suits will be shipped within 3 business days, Custom Posing suits within 7 business days, and Build a Custom Suit within your requested turnaround time.  All of our products are available to be purchased with Sezzle, so take advantage of this wonderful payment option!! 

How it works:

    • Select Sezzle at checkout. Look for the Sezzle button at checkout. It's easy to set up an account and speed through to your confirmation page.
    • Link a credit, debit card or bank account. Choose how you want to pay your installments. With Sezzle, there's no need to re-type your financial information each time.
    • Get approved instantly and securely. Sezzle will process your application in seconds during checkout. No long forms or waiting for days for a credit decision.
    • Schedule your automatic payments. Your installments are scheduled for autopay. You'll get text and email reminders so you're never caught off guard.
    Can I make changes to my order placed placed through Sezzle?
    Orders paid through Sezzle follow the terms and conditions of all orders, and no changes are allowed once your order has been placed.
    Have additional Q's, contact us and we will answer! 
    Please allow 24-48 hours Monday to Friday, and up to 72 hours on holidays and weekends for replies.  Feel free to call us for any urgent issues