Brand Ambassador Application

Once a year we open up our Bikinilicious Brand Ambassador positions to all athletes looking to join our team. Any applications received after Nov 17th 2019 will be considered for the 2021 group.


ONLY  3 athletes will be chosen for 2020.  We are looking for athletes across Canada and the US  

Do you love the Bikinilicious Brand and our products?  Would you love to promote our suits to all your friends, social followers or are you a trainer with a team of athletes? 
Tell us below....
Things to ask yourself and keep in mind when applying to a brand for a sponsorship / ambassador position:
Do you love the brand? Why?
Are you easy to work with?
Will you promote Bikinilicious throughout the year, not only during your prep?
Your personality – are you positive, outgoing and engaged with your followers on social media?
Do you have a considerable social media following?
Are you active on a DAILY basis?
What do you bring to the table?
Not only is a brand looking for you to represent them in a genuine and positive light, they are looking for you to get the word out and increase their sales. Not just tagging in your social media posts, but effectively promoting their brand, remember…businesses are using their marketing dollars on the products they are providing you. Especially in the case of competition suits, where countless hours of work are put into creating each hand crafted crystallized suit.
While we wish we could take on all athletes as Brand Ambassadors, unfortunately we are limited to a select few each year.  Please only apply if you meet the above criteria.
Thank you for taking the time and interest in our brand, and good luck!